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Options for "Update elevation" [DE] Optionen für "aktualisiere Höhe..."

ThomasF shared this idea 3 years ago

The actual function is the following:

(1) the value displayed during track recording shows elevation gain calculated from raw GPS data received from the phone GPS unit, including its deviations. (2) When saving a recorded track, Locus re-calculates the whole track elevation gain and optimizes it with all parameters stated in the "Altitude manager" - SRTM data, pressure sensor, automatic offset, filters etc. (3) If you select to "update elevation" of the whole track, the elevation gain is calculated only from offline elevation data (SRTM) that are based on a 3D model of the Earth.

So it is not possible, to update elevation statistics back to raw data (1) or Altitude Manager optimization (2).


The function "update elevation" should have 3 options:

1. Calculation from SRTM (what is the only one now)

2. Restore raw GPS (what you see during tracking)

3. Re-calculation based on Altitude Manager setting

To be able to do this, Locus must save the needed data with every track point: raw GPS, pressure and may be some more...

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Hello Thomas,

your description is not exact.

Setup defined in altitude manager is applied immediately at the moment, Locus Map receives location from the system. So values you see on the screen and also values that are saved in the database are always "raw values modified by Altitude manager" setup.

This anyway does not change the requirement for this task: store raw data in the database.

This whole task may complicate app system ... a lot.

  • it will require to extend most of internal object that deal with altitude
  • it will require to extend database
  • it may need to somewhere store setup of Altitude manager in the moment of recording
  • it may also need to store measured pressure in the moment of measurement (which may be quite useful btw.)
  • etc.

I see this as an enormous amount of work and very little benefit. In case, you want to receive original measured data, simply disable all optimizations set in the Altitude manager. After the export of the recorded track, you should get really raw measured data (if I did not miss anything).

So from my point of view, such an update may be useful (not just for users, but also for fine-tuning of the correct algorithm), but it is extremely complicated. Sorry.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thank you for your detailed answer. I like the benefits of elevation manager optimization, but in some situations, it is not optimal, but I do not know this before starting the track. 

I thought, it would be easier to add some more data-fields to the tracking points database. For example the pressure and the barometric altitude.

But I see, that there also many other ideas, to develop and improve the locus app.

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