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Import GraphHopper online gpx navigation file in Locus

0709 shared this idea 3 years ago


- Large display easy design, gpx by dropbox to Locus.

- No hassle direct out of the box usefull profiles.

- Does not generate weird false instructions.

- Does not generate several quite unnecessary forward instructions.

- Snap the "marker waypoints" (Shaping) to streets.

- Generates the usefull non directional 180¬į U-turns.

- Not afraid of water, so is ferry transfer friendly.

- Fast weblink to open street map, fast check and editor.

- Easy weblink to compare with other services.

Import & support inclusive the GH non directional useful U-turn by sign: -98 !

GH marker waypoints by Locus standard are unannounced Planner Shaping Points.

By the Locus app promote imported Shaping Points into announced Via Points.

Special case:

GH Marker Waypoint and a U-turn or a Straight do share a common located trackpoint.

More Info (U-turn & Straight) find in next attached document: Kurviger vs Locus.

Compare as Kurviger = By origin using the same GH source router.

Find in the attached zip.

- Document Kurviger vs Locus

- An Original GH gpx file download.

- GH file converted into trk_navtrkpt Locus gpx

(Advise: Open by the pc gpx editor freeware program)

By actual version GH web: Found one negative, not all trackpoints have timestamps.

By the trk_navtrkpt gpx file you may, by a right click, simply delete property time by the gpx editor.

Than gpx editor displays altitude, distance and angle properly. No problem for Locus navigation.

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Hello Willy,

what exactly should be improved on the Locus Map side? Because

  • the app already has internal support for the online GraphHopper routing service that should give exactly the same results
  • the app already support GPX files for import as you know well



GH web pc alternative similar to BRouter web.

Large display design, no need for emulator.

The export gpx file to navigate is not supported.

As gpx wpt and rte and trk must be combined.


Ah right, navigation commands may cause trouble.

I think that extending GPX support does not make too much sense here. Locus Map supports natively online GraphHopper with a lot of functionality that offers an online GH solution. And mainly, we have almost ready own web planner solution, so from my point of view, there should be no need for any other web tool. Of course, you and others will use any, there is no doubt about it, but this online GH platform does not bring anything extra useful.

Thanks for understanding.


No problem case closed.

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