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mike belton shared this problem 7 months ago
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Offline maps, tracks and points gone

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Hello Mike,

Can you please specify your problem more?

Do you have Locus stored on your SD card or phone?

Find the Locus folder and there you should have subfolders with tracks and waypoints

Do you have automatic backup set up in Locus?

1. If you had automatic backups directed to Dropbox or Google Drive, open the Backup Manager and restore the latest backup file from there

2. Download your LoMaps from the Locus Store - your previously downloaded versions of maps can be downloaded again for free

You can download all purchased LoMap for free from LocusStore. Please go to Menu> Store> open the right panel of the account and log in with the account you used before. Then find the map you used earlier and click the download button. You can download the map in the version you purchased, but updating to the latest version is charged (like any update).

Only maps from the following providers can be downloaded only once. They are:

- Opencyclemaps

- Shocart

- Outdooractive


- Neotreky

Therefore, we strongly recommend backing up purchased maps immediately after downloading

3. if you had external maps associated with Locus, restore the links in the map manager> add> add external

Have a nice day



Another possibility is that you are a victim of the memory cleaner installed on the phone.

Look here or here.....


Hello Mike,

Because we haven't received a response from you for more than 1 month, we consider that this issue is solved now.

For this reason, we have decided to mark this topic as answered.

Otherwise, if the problem persists contact us.

Best regards


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