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Expand this Help Desk system to handle the new Web Router

Andrew Heard shared this idea 2 years ago

Now the LM4 web router - - has gone public, this Locus Map Help Desk needs new entries for Category, Tags, and maybe generalizing the Locus Map version field. That way web router ideas, problems, questions, tickets can be efficiently reported/ filtered/ voted on/ sorted. I can't see any "version" for the web router, but maybe, like BRouter, a visible number would be useful for bug tracking. At present I have to chose "Locus Map" for category - not useful.


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Hi Andrew,

we were still busy with other tasks and even if the update of the help desk was a topic, it was quite a long time ago :).

So, let's update it a little bit. @Michal Stupka , your help is needed here ;). My suggestions:


  • remove "add-on Munzee" category (unite with "other add-ons")
  • add "Web portal" category (it is already in the end but with dummy name and missing icon)


  • they are not controlled directly by the system, but auto-generated by users/us

Extra data

  • currently, there is an optional "Locus Map version". Should be renamed to something more generic

Web portal

  • visible version is not needed here I believe. The bug report is always related to the latest public version at the moment of the report


  • a separate category is not needed here I believe because I expect users will report problems with the routing system in the app or on the web

Anything more? If not, may you Michal prepare necessary texts for me, or set up it directly if you have access there.



@Menion Done.


I've always very much appreciate the detailed LM release notes. I hope the portal will continue this tradition. If so, then reporting against a version, and seeing the fix, if done, in release notes is of great value. That's why I like BRouter web client.


What about a new category for Live Tracking web related? The new category of Locus Web Planner is not appropriate and Uncategorized is valid but not useful. Anyone can add a free-text tag, but this makes searching problematic.


Yes, thinking this just yeaterday as I was adding some ideas.....


I'm very often updating tags to make them united and "correct".

Because updates for live tracking are currently little problematic for us (original developer left our team an year ago and Ondřej now works mainly on web planner), category is currently "not wanted". Live-tracking will be integrated in the main web planner? When? When we decide that there is no need for another serious work on web planner and we may work on something different.

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