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Locus Map 4: special abo for Rescue Teams

Markus shared this question 2 years ago

In last Months we got licences for LocusMapPro for rescue Team.

Will there be a special Abo for Locus Map 4 ?

For personal use i did take the Gold Abo.

I ask, because i like Locus Map 4.

It seems to be faster in Map handling

(with high dense .hgt data and overlay multiplication enanled)

Ok, LocusMap Pro is also fast enough!

And in Locus 4 i also like the better quick menu to handle map overlay, hillshading....

(faster accessable in Locus 4 so keep this please)

And the Overlay Multiplicated Hillshade Map seems to be a little bit darker = better for my hillshade Map.

So congratulations to Locus Map 4 !

And Thanks to All which helpe to create and Thanks for reading here so much feedback daily.

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Hi Markus, we are unable to comment this yet. In next months we want to come with solutions how include LM4 to our offer for rescue teams and we will for sure put into consideration option to extend it with Gold features.

Until that Locus Map Pro will remain in such offer. Happy to hear you like our new LM4!

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