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Get coordinates of a live tracking user

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago

Having just subscribed to gold, im trying out the live tracking

with Gyntas c-me which ive been using up to now, I can fetch the kml or a live tracking user and parse it in tasker for doing other actions.

Is it possible to be able to do the same for native locus live tracking of a specific user

For example a tasker task that would navigate/guide to wherever a specific user was

Then you could shake the phone to start the guide point to a walking buddy current position.

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Hi Alistair,

I've merged your ideas into one, thanks for understanding.

Currently, Live tracking is in some kind of "hibernation". We are planning to integrate it fully into the current solution so no new ideas are currently made on it.

Anyway, your idea means opening partially private information to the "public" more than is currently done. It also may require quite a lot of work and opening our internal API, or creating a custom API that will be able to post users' coordinates on request. Also because I see no bigger interest from other users, I'm declining this idea, sorry.

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