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Drumpldeer shared this idea 8 months ago

With Locus 4 the view and guide with Geocaches has been changed. If i would add a new waypoint for a Geocache i have to swipe and click three times to input coordinates.

Is it possible to add a entry "Add Waypoint" in the Context-Menu which open directly the input-field? I have create an attached a sample-screenshot.

And in this combination is it also possible to add this menu-entry to the three-dot-menu from a Waypoint-Navigation? Like asked in Change menu (three dot) while navigation to a waypoint | Locus Map - help desk

While playing a Multi-Cache it would e very helpful.

Thanks and kind regards!


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I wanted to ask again if you see a possibility to add something here. I have been doing a lot of Multi-Caches lately and with the new display-interface in LM4 i find it a bit cumbersome to create a new waypoint.

When you are navigating or guiding to a waypoint, you first have to go to the main cache, then scroll to see the waypoint menu, click there and there I can create another waypoint - in best case click 4 times :-(.

So the question is, is it possible at least like in my created example screenshot, to add an entry in the context menu for the Main-Cache? In this case i have to click also 4 times, but sometime the cache is close enough at the map and i have to click 2-3 times only.

It would be even better if this entry would also be displayed in the 3-point menu when guiding to a waypoint, that would be only 1-2 clicks ;-).

Would it be possible?

Best regards, Jens.



I believe that situation is not so bad.

1. In the latest version, the screen by default display also waypoints, so there is no need to "swipe up".


Then we talk about 1. tap on the point on the map, 2. tap on waypoints, 3. tap on "+".

2. Cache waypoint detail already has a button to directly add a waypoint. Here is a need to swipe up, but then you get quick access to "add waypoint" feature.


Does it help?


Hi Menion,

that's cool again! You're right. I only noticed the scrolling to the waypoints today when I was readjusting this topic, but yes you don't have to do that any more.

And the button you show in your second point in the screenshot is something I was not aware of.

This of course makes it easier to create new waypoints and the request can be closed with this.

Again, I learned something about the fine little functions of Locus.

Thank you very much!

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