Distance to "significant" route waypoints in dashboard

Guy Evans shared this idea 2 years ago
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I'm guiding along a route. The route waypoints are mainly used to define the route but a small number are for key places (checkpoints). I'd like to have a dashboard value which is the distance to the next "significant waypoint" (a route waypoint with a comment and/or note).

(I'm coming from ViewRanger which had this capability).

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I've been doing some more reading around, and see that this isn't a new idea. "Significant" points are "via points" and was suggested previously:-


Also various variants of it

As Ulrich said "Actually where I usually would like to use it is in guidance mode: prepare the track in route planner with some via points, then use guidance along the track and have the distance to the next via somewhere in my (custom) dashboard."

It would be wonderful if this could be implemented :-)

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