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Improve the visibility of "Slope" line style

Lucas Heiss shared this idea 22 months ago

The "Slope" colouring mode for tracks is a great tool to better estimate the slope of a track. Together with contour lines and hill shading you quickly get a "3D impression" of your tour.

Compared to a simple blue line the track in slope mode is harder to oversee, and that's mostly because of the light green colour. In most maps, the woods are also displayed in a greenish colour, that's why the slope line style is hard to read, especially in direct sunlight.

I would appreciate

– using darker colours for better contrast on light backgrounds

– changing the colours of the "slope" line style in a way that they are easier to read, e.g. blue for flat parts (instead of green), green for downhill (instead of blue) and red for uphill. That's just a suggestion, maybe someone has a better idea.

– maybe letting the user choose a custom colour scale.

Best, Lucas

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I would like to keep the color. Green neutral blue down, red high. If then only as another color option.


Hello Lucas,

this is really complicated "task". Also on a single response from @freischneider you may see, that same opinion may be a problem here.

Darker colors may be useful on LoMaps, but when using satellite images or any other map theme, it may not be a win.

So sorry, I would rather stick with the current solution.

I see a solution in your case to define some colored border. With this, you lost line semi-transparency, but you get definitely a lot better contrast.



Okay, Jiří, understand.

Nevertheless thank you for your answer.

Best, Lucas

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