Bottom controls unusable in full screen mode

Thomas Göller shared this problem 8 days ago
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Running LM3/4 in full screen mode the bottom panel seems to be sometimes overlapped by system UI gesture overlay and I can't tap any of the function keys.

With luck I can trigger the burger menu (LM4) while swipping up in this area. Moving the map is not an issue but I can use any of the functions within the bottom panel.

Weird thing is that it works when enable full screen mode and after a while I see a horizontal white bar at the bottom and bottom panel is blocked again.

Managing to disable full screen mode again in the settings all is fine again.

Any ideas about how to fix this?


Android 11

Google Pixel 3

Gesture navigation enabled

Launcher: Nova launcher

PS: I have this issue occationally with LM3 but quite regular with LM4