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Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago
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Similar to another recent idea of mine

At the moment Photopoint creation creates photo in data/media/photos

which isnt always convenient as takes up internal storage and no organisation


So I never use photopoints, I always create point from geocode photo layer

but this takes a long time to load up

An option to create photo point by taking photo, then asking with a file picker where to save photo would be great

or even being able to change to a custom directory the default location for photos.

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If the file picker option isnt possible, changing default location could be really handy

At the moment all my photos are on SD card\Photo\Name of trip\ etc

so all I would need to do on day of trip is change the default photo location to the folder for the day

and hey presto, every time i take photo point the attachment is in the correct folder.

At the moment I take photos with camera, create folder, move them all over from DCIM

open locus w, turn on geotag layer, and one by one turn each geotagged photo in to a point

which is a time consuming repetative process, especially when a large amount of photos, which is quite possible

Photo points are much better than geotagged layers as they can be shown/hidden very quickly and interesting bits of infomation about the photo can be added to the photo point.

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