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Sort routes in web planer library

Gerhard Bruhns shared this idea 2 years ago

Since I use Locus for may years my library groups are pretty filled with routes. So it is very difficult and time consuming to find a specific route since they are currently sorted by date. There should be the possibility to sort by different attributes, especially name.

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It would be great to have a possibility to sort by distance from the screen centre. I usually start planning from checking my old tracks and points in the nearest area (in all folders simultaneously e.g.: hike, bicycle, skis, downloaded tracks etc.).

Now I have to check in phone what are the names of all nearest tracks, then switch the visibility on in web planner.

For me it would be good enough if web planner could "read" the attribute of track in my phone: visible/not visible.


At present they are sorted by creation date, which is often not useful, and not alphabetically (name). Known issue. refer to These topics could be merged?


This task has huge overdue, sorry! :) I can promise, that is currently on our high priority list and web will get some update in this soon.


It appears this enhancement has been completed - BRAVO!!

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