Sort web planner tracks alphabetically or by creation time

Andrew Heard shared this problem 24 days ago
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There was a similar issue with web points 15 months ago @

Now I find, maybe it was always the case, that tracks are not consistently sorted in any logical or apparent order. That makes it really difficult sometimes to find a track when there are 100's in a folder. In my case tracks sorted by creation date or track name will be in the same visual order in LM4 app (because the track name starts with a timestamp eg. YYYYMMDD-HHmmSS) however in the web planner the tracks are not always in alpha or creation order. Example below - creation timestamp and file name are both 20220625 (2022-06-25) but track is between two other tracks of 20220623 (2022-06-23) and 20220622 (2022-06-22).


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Hi Andrew, currently tracks are sorted by updated_at time in descending order. I know, it can be tricky because you only see created_at time in UI (and probably also in the label). I have already promised that sorting order should be visible in UI soon. I have this task on the top of my list ... unfortunately I am still working on some code refactoring that is not visible. Thanks for your patience :)


Thanks Ondřej.

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