Can you please help to find the correct elevation gain data?

Ádám Berhidi shared this question 5 months ago


I have the latest version of Locus Map Pro.

I'm still a bit puzzled when it comes to figure out correct elevation gain data. While I know sport watches are not scientific tools and there are many factors in play but maybe I can get a better understanding.

Usually we get suspicious when my Garmin Instinct altimeter gives a much higher result compared to my partner's 735XT which calclulates based on topographic elevation data as far as I know.

So my data is:

Garmin original in Garmin app: 422 m

Garmin with elevation correction in Garmin app: 344 m (about the same as the map based value on the 735XT)

Garmin original exported and loaded to Locus map: 406 m

Garmin with elevation correction exported and loaded to Locus map: 387 m

Locus map own recording based on mobile phone GPS data: 467 m

Since my Locus map has elevation data I managed to check some random points of my hike and the best match was the corrected one (387). The original Garmin barometric values were usually off by -20-30 meters.

So I am kind of lost as to which should be the correct data.

- how come two sets of map based elevation data (Garmin vs Locus) can be so off?

- is map elevation data in Locus based on the app itself or on the map I am using (I have an externally downloaded offline map)?

- as long as my path was recorded correctly, can I expect the map based elevation data to be correct?

I always calibrate elevation on my Garmin when starting and the initial value is correct.

Any comments would be much appreciated.


Ps.: I also randomly checked some known elevation points for the track that was recorded by the phone and those seemed OK (maybe a lucky pick), still it has the highest elevation gain which is not correct most probably.

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Locus Map processes elevation gain from the data it receives from your phone GPS. If the data are incorrect or contain huge deviations, then the resulting elevation gain is also incorrect. Locus Map, however, offers a few methods on how to limit these deviations. Open Locus settings > GPS&sensors:

- Location filter > select medium or heavier filter

- Google Services assisted location > turn it ON

- Altitude manager > settings tab > SRTM data - select "Optimize GPS values" or "Replace GPS values"

- Altitude manager > settings tab > Pressure sensor > turn ON (if available)

- Altitude manager > settings tab > Altitude filter - select medium or heavier filter


Hi Michal,

Thank you for your feedback.

I only use Locus for sorting my maps and find my way around, recording is only secondary since I am also recording with my Garmin watch.

How can I ensure that when I import the GPX from my watch to Locus that elevation data is correct. I see a "recalculate" option, is that advised to be used?

Thank you,



Hi Ádám,

if you are overall satisfied with the values from Garmin, it is not necessary to recalculate them by Locus.


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