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Weather: how is shown time selected?

Georg D shared this question 3 years ago

In the weather forecast, when opening details of a future day, the top section shows wether for a specific time:

  • sometimes morning, sometimes daytime, sometimes evening. Current time seems to have nothing to do with it, i.e. it's not "now +24h" or the like.
  • sometimes a time that also appears in the list below, sometimes it's not in the list
  • often, it is the warmest time, but often enough it's not

Often enough, I did not watch out and thought it's the information for overall day (like sunrise/sunset) but that is not true (see marking of perception).

=> What is the intention/logic of time choosing?

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Hi Georg,

logic is little stupid as we found out some time ago as well ... currently app searches in all 24 forecasts for a certain day (the app has available 1-hour forecast) and search for a moment with the highest temperature. In case, the temperature is higher at night than in a cold day, the result is quite non-sence. I'll improve this as I mentioned in another topic ... in the moment, we will switch to different weather service this year. Anyway suggestions on how to do it better are of course welcome.



Hi Menion, yes, you told about changes of weather service here and it's clear that this will cause follow-up changes in weather GUI so any changes for that GUI make only sense after service change.

Thank you for clarification, now I understand better :) Suggestions/feedback on what would

Personally, at top of day detail screen I'd strongly prefer to see information for one defined time (e.g. clicking into the graph sets the time that is interesting for my current purpose and this time is "sticky" until another is set, so it is remembered when I'm switching days, getting weather of other location, check updated weather forecast one day later etc). That kind of display is - for my purposes - more helpful to easily compare different days than to once see info for noon time, next day for 22h in the evening, next day for 8h in the morning.

Exactly as useful would be overall day information at top, so I can quickly get an idea of the day in total - with more information than on day listing. IMHO interesting info:

  • day (e.g. Mo) and date of month (like in v3.52)
  • sunrise+sunset time (like in v3.52 in day details) --> important for time planning (e.g. until when is it bright enough to climb? When must the "open sunrise till sunset" nature park be left?)
  • min+max temperature and total perception amount and max wind speed (like in v3.52 in day listing) and rain probability and cloud probability / total sunshine hours (not existing in v3.52, desired+motivated here) --> in combination, this gives a pretty good idea of how cold/warm it feels, plus what perception to expect (30mm at 5% versus 0.5mm at 95%)
  • average or max visibility range (like in v3.52, motivated here)
  • reliability factor of forecast (not existing in v3.52) --> helps to choose an activity that is more/less dependent on certain weather, e.g. normal hiking in unexpected light rain can still be fun, but a really demanding mountain hike or going climbing is nearly never fun in light rain because everything gets slippery which is also dangerous
  • graph with temp (like in v3.52 in day details) and perception amount & probability (not existing in v3.52)
  • the other information existing in v3.52 like humidity and pressure are not relevant for me, but I see several good use cases for them by other users

It would be nice if swiping left/right would cycle though the days, so comparing 2 days works without indermediate stepping back to day listing and again down to day details.

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Hi Georg

for a few weeks already, new weather is public. The major difference is visible in Locus Map 4, where 14+ days forecast is available. In yesterday's published version are probably the final minor fixes. I'm worried, more info can't be obtained from used "OpenWeather" service. If there will be something you notice is missing for sure, let me know.

One piece of info: swiping between days> I've tried it, but the system I used was so slow ... later.

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