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Possible Bluetooth Interference

Jon Reed shared this question 16 months ago

I have some Drift Innovation Safety Cameras on my bicycle and they keep switching modes whilst cycling. I have noticed that their random switching seems to coincide with Locus 4 issuing a navigation instruction.

To help me rule out a clash of Bluetooth commands could you let me know if Locus issues bluetooth commands at the same time as navigation instructions please? Perhaps for a watch?? Many thanks.

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Hello Jon,

sorry for the late response.

Any news or discovery on your side?

We are not aware of any problem here. App does not send any data over bluetooth connection. App is using system Text-to-speech solution to tell loudly navigation commands, so maybe here may be a problem if your camera is for any reason considered as audio-output device.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thanks Menion, that's helpful. I wouldn't think the camera is an audio output device but I will pass this info on to Drift in the hope we can find the cause of the problems.


I also do not expect it. If you will have any other questions or anything I may be helpful with, feel free to write me here!


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