Improve offline LoMaps updates (update in batch)

druki shared this idea 22 months ago
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I have a gold plan (free updates on maps) and 22 maps of differen european countries (some countries are splitted in several parts like south/nord).

If there are updates of LoMaps, currently it is necessary to select each single map to update it and confirm the legal note.


It would be great to have this much easier by updating and confirming the legal notes for all new LoMaps at once with one or two clicks.

Maybe this is also an Issue for other map types, but at LoMaps it is my most irgend need to simplify the updates.

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I totally agree. To update multiple maps (in my case 15) on multiple devices (3) and navigation data is a pain. You can even group similar license agreenents so it would not bother users to confirm every single license. Plus there is the not working back button bug in the store which is crazy anoying.


Today I have spent another 10 minutes triggering and accepting terms for all maps that I have. Since creation of this issue I have for sure spent 1 hour off my lifetime.


I have found an lther issue with idea of bulk update maps: and I would love to see some easier handling as every update costs me 10 minutes of only clicking to update.


Hello druki & others.

I fully support this idea and agree, the current solution, mainly in the case of "free" maps with Gold Premium, is really cumbersome. To be true, I was working on the batch update a few months ago and had some technical difficulties so I left it for a while. Anyway thanks for bringing this topic back. I'll add it a higher priority.

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