Bulk update of Locus Store maps

Nathan B. shared this idea 5 years ago
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Allow a user to bulk update vector maps purchased from the Locus Store.

Possible Scenario:

1. Open Locus Map App

2. Touch "Locus Store" option

3. Touch hamburger menu icon

4. Touch option "Bulk Update Maps"

5. Calculate LoCoin balance required

6. Display to user for Acknowledgement

7. If User has enough LoCoins

7.1 Prompt user to accept license agreement

7.2 Begin full batch download/processing

8. If user does not have enough LoCoins

8.1 Prompt user to purchase LoCoins

8.2. User completes LoCoins purchase

8.3 Prompt user to accept license agreement

8.4 Begin full batch download/processing

9. Life is good

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