TTS notifications of non-navigational waypoints in guidance.

Alan G shared this question 4 months ago

I'm new to Locus Map and assessing how best to use it whilst hiking, in particular navigation versus guidance. Everything makes sense apart from one thing which has me somewhat baffled. I'm hoping someone will clarify.

I want to use text-to-speech (TTS) for both navigational waypoints, and for non-navigational waypoints.

The track/route I am testing on is created by Locus Map Route Planner with drawing mode "Hike" so the track and navpoints are generated automatically, and including some via points. On saving these become waypoints linked to the track.

1/ In Navigation Mode all waypoints (both navpoints and non-nav waypoints) are notified - whether by beeps, sounds or TTS, with or without vibration.

2/ In Guidance Mode the same is true EXCEPT that for TTS notification for non-nav waypoints there is no speech heard - the alert still gets triggered because vibration happens but there is no speech output. I would expect it to say the name of the waypoint (e.g. "'name of waypoint' after X metres")

I've tested this on Locus Map Pro 3.52.1 and Locus Map 4.1.1 on a Samsung Galaxy A71, both actually walking the route, and in simulation mode (i.e GPS off and drag the cursor along the route). Also tested 3.52.1 on Bluestacks. Same result on all.

So which of the following is the explanation for this ?

a/ Is it something I am doing wrong e.g. when creating the via points ? Is there something I have to do to make the TTS work for non-nav waypoints ?

b/ Is it a deliberate omission "by design" - if so why ?

c/ Is it some technical restriction which makes it impossible to achieve speech from these non-nav waypoints ? Hard to see why that would be.

d/ Is it a bug ?

e/ something else ??

(FYI - I'm already aware that an alternative is to create POIs not linked to the track and switch on Point Alert.)



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Hi Alan,

it's b) :). Guidance along a route is a simplified way of navigation and use of TTS in it is limited.


Hi Michael, Thanks, I can stop trying to make it work then :)

I did just find also this previous topic :

which seems to be saying it did work at that time , in your reply numbered 5/ . Has it been subsequently removed ??


Hi Alan,

honestly, I don't remember. In the topic three years ago the problem was in Ukrainian TTS and moreover, I wrongly proved the waypoint notification on navigation - not on guidance. Anyway, now the waypoints are not notified when guidance is on - only navigation.

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