Delete all waypoints in the track at once

freischneider shared this idea 2 years ago
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I create a lot of waypoints in the track along the way. I use these for OSM maintenance, as they are visible with name when uploading the track in OSM.

After uploading, I would like to delete this again. Sometimes there are over 25 pieces. I have to select, delete and confirm everyone.

I would like a selection menu at the top where I can select all of them and then delete them all at once. The function is already available in the points folder.

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Yes, I also would love to see it, because I do a lot of automated adding of embedded waypoints.

It's not only the deletion, but management of embedded WP in general. E.g. sometimes they are visually not in order and I do not know why.

Look, someone already asked years ago -with a resonable and more general approach:


The implementation would have to come soon. Menion wrote about it in the beta theme. He finishes the new track screen and then the detail screens are revised.

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