Add management menu to "Waypoints" screen.

Taras D shared this idea 2 years ago
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Add the same management menu available in the "Points" screen to a track's "Waypoints" screen. This will give the user full control over a track's waypoints (including the ability to quickly modify the properties of multiple waypoints).



1. New Waypoint

2. View

- Hide all

- Show all

- Invert

3. Sort

- Sort by name

- Sort by distance

- Sort by creation date

- Sort by last update

- Sort by type

- Reverse sorting

4. Filter

> Name

> Icon

> Distance

5. Tools

- Copy

- Move

- Export

- Delete

- More

------- Fill elevation

------- Change icons

------- (Google Earth)

- Cancel

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+1 great idea


I realize now that waypoints associated to tracks cannot be hidden (unless my mistake).

Imported tracks from gpx databases often come along with waypoints that are strictly related to the track (path instructions, crossings,...). It makes sense to keep them connected to the track but doing so, instead of storing them in a separate POI folder, will make you loose possibility of hiding them, filtering them and some other actions.