LoCoin recieve problem

Tam√°s Garamhegyi shared this problem 3 months ago
Not a Problem


Yesterday I have bought 100 Locoin through the playstore. But i did not received it in the aplication until now.

Order number: GPA.3343-1524-7162-78870

Would you be so kind to check it for me.

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes!


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we're sorry for trouble. There was really some issue and we didn't receive information about the payment. I refunded the payment - Google sends money back in the next couple of days (maybe hours).

Please do the following steps:

  • Open Android system settings > Apps > Delete the temporary memory of the Google Play application ( Google Play Store > Clear data)

  • Do the same for Google Play services app
  • Restart the device
  • try to purchase the LoCoins again

Please let me know if the issue persists

Thanks, Petr

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