Most annoying translation bug in German speech navigation

Olaf Siemens shared this problem 3 months ago
Not a Problem

The English command

"Track lies 200 meters on 9 o'clock"

is translated as

"Track-Abweichung 200 Meter 9 Uhr"

"Track" is not a German word!

A correct translation would be

"Zurück zur Strecke, 200 Meter auf 9 Uhr"

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Hi Olaf,

let's ask a wider German community if this is really a problem. What do you think @balloni55 or @0709? If there is a problem, could you please fix it in Many thanks!


To be honest: In this context, I would also use the term "track" in German ... although I am otherwise also very sensitive about linguistic correctness ;)


Hi Michal,

is it still possible to use custom tts files with current locus versions? if so, this would be an option for Olaf

otherwise it is a matter of taste, 5 people 10 opinions


Hi Wolfgang,

yes of course, custom TTS is supported. So if I understand correctly, the word "track" in German is not a problem generally so it's not necessary to edit the main TTS file. OK, thanks everyone!


Dear All,

"track" would be less of a problem if it would be pronounced in English (since it's an English word and not a German) and not in German. Everyone who was with me when the TTS navigation was action reacted the same way: This is nor proper German!


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