Top panel information hidden by front camera on phones with a hole punch

Vit Bockstefel shared this problem 4 months ago

On phones with a hole punch (front camera integrated in the display) the top panel displays information without offset. This causes, that the first displayed information is hidden "behind" the camera.

The system top bar does have this solved.

Maybe there is a system variable for this. If not, then the possibility for setting a top panel offset would be great.

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Hello Vit,

Thank you for your notification.

Unfortunately, this is not planned yet. But in the future we would like to find a solution.

For now, we recommend not using full-screen but using the new options offered by the non-full-screen mode, ie a translucent map under the system panels.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a nice day



Hi Andrea

When you say "this is not planned yet" please be aware that this was working perfectly in the previous version. Hence this is a bug introduced very recently (see other thread on this: ).



Hi Andrea, hi Colin,

just to avoid confusion. I just noticed that the attached picture showing the phenomenon was missing in my original post.



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