Hide/unhide/colorize different types of ways while planning

Finn shared this idea 2 years ago
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When I plan routes I try to mostly use singletracks for hiking and biking. This is always very tedious because of the amount of differnt ways displayed in a map. It would be very nice for planing purposes If it would be possible to hide certain ways like highways and country roads and additionally mark for example single trails in a special color.

Like this it should be easier to pick the correct routes and notice a lot easier which possible combination of trails would have the highest amount of singletrails.

Kind reagrds


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I use the maps from Openandromaps for this. And then the theme of Openandromaps (Elevate).

There paths are highlighted in color. You can switch between hiking and MTB.


I also have all of the Trailforks trails on my phone. I can also show them. But you have to download it beforehand.

But there is a suggestion to show them on the map. I am thinking here of online via the API.

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