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Can I run Locus Pro on my iMac?

Denis Baker shared this question 12 months ago

I currently run Locus Pro on an android tablet but want to look at maps on the bigger screen of my Mac. Is this possible, and will my license allow use on a second screen?

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Hello Denis,

The purchased license for Locus Map Pro has no time limit or limit in terms of the number of devices.

This means that you can install Locus Map Pro on any number of devices - mobile phones or Android tablets, for any length of time.

Of course, you must have the same Google Account on all your devices - the one you used Locus Map Pro for.

Have a nice day



With Windows there is also the Dex Station for Samsung. Is it already available for other manufacturers via cable or WLAN. But I don't know what is available for Mac. This means that you can see the phone screen on the screen and operate everything with the mouse and keyboard. But it still works on the phone.


For the Mac you need an Android emulator. Locus Map only runs on Android.

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