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GPS disabled itself twice today

Rob. S. shared this question 13 months ago

This seems related to this earlier question.

Today, GPS disabled itself twice on a three hour hike, and each time Locus Map stopped recording the track until I found out.

Only in the first case, ~1.5 km after recording stopped, the app finally complained about some setting that may be causing GPS getting lost while the app is running in background. (I tapped "Show me what to do" but nothing happened, possibly because there was no mobile internet connection, something a hiking app should not really expect to be there IMHO...)

In both cases, GPS was off when I noticed something was wrong, and I had to manually turn it on again.

This is Locus Map 4.3.3 on Android 11 (LineageOS 18.1) on an FxTec Pro1 phone, and I never had this before with either Locus Map 3 Pro or Locus Map 4, at least not after properly setting the necessary system options.

What I find a bit strange now, though, is that when I looked whether battery optimisation really was disabled, the settings page reported for both Locus Map 3 Pro and Locus Map 4 "Battery optimisation not available", and there was nothing I could configure. I could swear the last time I looked it showed either "optimised" or "not optimised".

I don't think this could be a case for the "Memory Locker" app (the device has 6 GB RAM and I don't see too much else going on in the background), but I might try "GPS locker" if this happens again.

Oh, and there was one possibly related Locus Maps setting disabled, which I did enable right now – "GPS ON for track recording", but I don't remember changing anything there ever before.

And just on a side note, could it be that the app's behaviour on losing GPS is somehow different when there's no mobile connection (in my case not even GPRS)?

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Hi Rob, please get Locus Map permission for all-time access to GPS location and exclude Locus from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run in the background. Instructions on how to do it are summed up here: or here:


Hi Michal, thanks for the response. I know and already did all of that. I'm a long time Locus Maps user and I never had that problem before, with none of my devices including the one I'm using now, after both GPS access and battery optimisation were properly configured. My hope is that "GPS ON for track recording" will do the trick even though I can't remember having used that option before, but that could be me.

(As I also wrote, when I checked again to make sure, Locus Maps is now, different from how it used to be, listed as "Battery optimisation not available" instead of "not optimised" within the "battery optimisation" list of apps, and I can't change it. That should be ok for all our intents and purposes, but I've also talked to other people who never saw that wording before, either. Perhaps something new from a recent small Android 11 / LineageOS 18.1 update?)


Android 11 has very annoying policy of full access to GPS location when the app runs in the background. It is necessary for Locus to have "All time" access - the permission has several steps and is removed when the app is not used for some time (!). So please make sure Locus always has this permission.


Indeed, and as I said, I did (location permissions say "allow all the time")...

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