Change LoMaps contour lines to 10 m

Lucas Heiss shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

Change equidistance of offline LoMaps contour lines from 20 to 10 meters – similar to the "Hike&Bike" online LoMap. See comparison.

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I support this idea, cause right now LoMaps in alpine terrain doesn't show enoght details for mountain hikers.
And a second but connected request: Please use Sonny's 1" files for the creation of contour lines from instead of the now used 3" files. 1" lines are clearly more detailed than 3" lines.

I attached 2 screenshots of the same area to demonstrate the improvements: 1) LoMaps with 20m lines based on 3" hgt-files. 2) OpenAndroMaps with 10m lines based on 1" hgt-files.



I support this suggestion, because even at not so high montains (smaller hills, soft landscape declines), the contours are better recognizeable on a map with more dense altitude lines.

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