On Track distance to all waypoints.

Ulrich Kiermayr shared this idea 2 years ago
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A question that I often have when following a track during a tour: What is the on track distance to my next waypoints - not only the one that is coming up but also the ones that follow.

For the upcoming one the display in the Dashboard is really helpful - but there is no easy way to find out the on track distance to the others that follow. In the track display only the straight line distance is displayed - and this to all waypoints and all navigation hints.

So some additional point in the track overview for On track distance to all Waypoints on the track would be really helpful. I see it kind of related to the distance markers of a track but this idea focuses more on the Waypoints planned ahead on the tour.

Greetings, Ulrich.

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Hello Ulrich,

you are right that the distance visible in the list of the track waypoints is not along the track. But, if you tap on a single waypoint, the top visible distance should be correctly computed distance from your current known location, along the track, to the selected waypoint. So give it a try.




Yes that works. My "Problem" (read: Inconvenience) is, that the waypoints are sometimes hard to find in the list of all the Trackpoints - especially on a long track with lots and lots of trackpoints. This also renders the previous/next buttons in the detail of a button rather useless (because you do not get to the next Waypoint but to the next Trackpoint). Just a list of Waypoints would be more convenient ;-) or to filter the list of points to hide the (navigation) trackpoints and only show the WPs


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