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New sensor manger shows "-" instead of "0"

Peter Schmitt shared this problem 2 years ago

Since implementation of new sensor manager zero values are shown as "-" instead of "0" in dashboard.

"-" should be down when sensor is disconnected and "0" should be shown when sensor is connected but value is zero. E.g. when speed is 0km/h.

In my opinion this changed with the time of implementation of the new sensor manager.


See screenshot.

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Hello Peter,

thanks for this interesting "bug report". I'm not 100% sure how this was done in previous versions, anyway from my point of view, this is the correct solution.

  • value "-" means no valid data
  • value "0" or any other number always means valid value

It looks to me like an ideal solution for a simple reason: the "0" value is a valid value as well. Not in case of heart rate, but definitely in case of speed etc. So with the current system, you may be sure if you have valid data (even "0") or not.

What do you think? Is there any problem with this?


Hello Menion,

I think thats a good solution!

Please see reply from Ulrich too. Perhaps his problem wil be solved with that small change too.


Best wishes from Germany

Peter S.


Hmm, maybe both issues are connected, good point, thanks. I've just fixed problem reported by Ulrich, so it should be as expected in next 4.5 (or next Beta) version.




good news. I am sure the 2 are connected. I observed the same behavior (- instead of 0 in the dashboard). That was the reason I looked into it deeper and came to the invalid data issue - which correlates 100% with the - instead of 0.

So looking forward to the next beta ;-)

Greetings, Ulrich.


I am pretty sure it showed 0 in previous Versions. But I think that the current situation is a problem, because 0 never shows up. (See also my Bug Report of the same Issue -

So either:

  • BT Sensors never transmit 0 Values correctly. This would be strange, since 2 totally different brands behave exactly the same, and at the same time 0 is correctly transmitted over ANT+
  • There is something transmitted that Locus incorrectly interprets as invalid.

Anyway. The cosmetics in the dashboard is one thing, but the gaps in the recorded track are more annoying (because it results un false averages and so on, when processed by other software).

Greetings, Ulrich.

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