ANT+ Sensor mixup

Ulrich Kiermayr shared this problem 13 days ago


Since BT Sensors are not working reliable at the moment, I added the Speed and Cadence Sensors of my Roadbike as ANT+ Sensors.

Today I saw that now Locus also connects to the Sensors of my Trekking-Bike - which I never configured for ANT+ (and they are even from a different manufacturer).

It looks like Locus is now connecting to any Speed sensor, if there is a ANT+ Speed Sensor configured and not only to the specific one configured.

This causes 2 Problems:

1. the Wheel-Size for the Speed-Sensor might be wrong

2. If I am on tour with my wife, I cannot even be sure if it connects to my sensors (and not to those of my wife).

How can I help to debug?

Cheers, Ulrich

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Hello Ulrich,

thanks for the bug report. I was worried this problem may appear.

I've found this maybe two months ago. App currently does not remember a specific sensor for cadence, speed and combined speed & cadence sensor. After a lot of testing, I've given up finding a solution because for all other ANT+ based sensors, connecting to a specific sensor works correctly. Unfortunately, the ANT+ library used in the app is from the year 2015 and since then, no update was published. So for now, this is a little bit unsolvable problem to me, I'm really sorry.

What exactly is the problem with BT connection? There were quite a lot of changes during the last few days so I really suggest giving a try to the latest app Beta version:



I war refering to this one:

I will try the new beta tomorrow ;-)

btw. I also noticed, that for tempe sensors everything seems to work correctly.

Maybe just keep the issue in Mind, if something turns up ;-) If I can help with debugging, just let me know.

Greetings, Ulrich.


Hmm mentioned issue was already solved 8 days ago. Since then, few other issues was already solved and currently, I'm not aware of any BT-related problem. Latest Beta is perfectly stable, so feel free to try it and use it. I'm quite sure, it should work correctly for you. Let me know, thanks.




The BT System now works fine.

Since the ANT+ issue is not really fixable - maybe a note in the documentation that ANT+ is not recomended for speed and cadence sensors.

Greetings, ulrich.

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