Properly update Recent Activity list or allow items to be removed

Andrew Heard shared this idea 33 days ago

I once mistakenly selected Snowmobiles as a track activity. It was a LONG time ago. It is NOT recent. It shouldn't be in the Recently used list of Activities.

The current sorted list is simply maximum of last 7 activities that have been selected. This is quite reasonable.

But, maybe a minor improvement could be that a long-tap on any activity would remove that activity from the list, and/or long-tap on activity title could clear whole list?


See also related topic here.

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Hi Andrew,

I'm looking at it and I think that the current limit 10! (not 7) is way too much. So I'm looking for the easiest solution and I think that reduction to 3 should be a lot better. "Recently used" should be a short and quick method to easily get the latest activity. With this, your "showmobile" will be quite quickly removed from the list. What do you think?


I would not reduce it. Ok, 7 is already a lot but it should not be less than 5. I have to concentrate only on the upper ones, there the snowmobile does not disturb nevertheless. If he only uses hiking and biking, they are quickly at the top.


The ones you use often are on top. And the others are not important for you but for others maybe.

You can remove activities from the list. But in the time Menion can do much more meaningful.

Just close your eyes on the lower activities. Or look only at the upper ones. Like Freischneider already said.


As I mentioned in the related suggestion regards the default "Not Specified" activity - this activity is at the bottom of the list, and the "Recently used" are at the top of the list. So most common use-case of reassigning from "Not Specified" to "Recently used" actually becomes the most tedious. It requires eyes-wide-open. I like 3 but 5 items seems a reasonable compromise and less work for Menion than a method for clearing old list items. I find it silly that snowboarding is in the recent list when I only & accidentally tapped it once years ago, but I said it is "minor" issue.


Oki, let's set the number of recently used activities to 5 (from the current 10). This should allow getting rid of unwanted activities faster while keeping the most recent at the top. Thanks for the discussion.

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