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Add note with compatibility of "Classic map theme" in Locus Store

Georg D shared this idea 2 years ago

In Locus Store > Grafik, the "Classic map theme" by Asamm SW is available. It is of interest because it allows a map display similar to Google Maps, so it's making transition from GM easier. But after installing it, it does not appear in theme selector for most maps. Thus, please add a clear note with which map types it is compatible – seems like

* does not work with mapsforge v5 e.g. from

* does work to a limited degree with LoMaps which are mapsforge v3 (e.g. the sea is not rendered in blue) e.g. from or Locus-Store.

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The question is whether there is any reason to offer this old theme for download, as the readability is not ideal. Anyway, I quickly fixed the problem with the water areas and edited the description.

Thanks, Petr


Both tested and fine – thank you 🙂

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