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use Locus Map with Windows 11

Wolfgang shared this question 2 years ago


just a quick question. It's no secret any more that Windows 11 will officially support Android apps to run. The Amazon App store will be the default available store for Windows.

I just had a quick look and I did only find an old locus app from 2015 in the Amazon App store. Are there any plans to push the current locus apps - as they are at the Google App Store also to the Amazon store?

Why? I just think some things could be better prepared on my desktop for the next tour and thanks to the locus sync service - so I would have all available on my device too.


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unfortunately, Amazon has not communicated with us enough since 2015, so it was decided that we would no longer try to update the maps in their store.

From our users, we also know, that Windows 11 Android emulator didn't work well with Locus.

But we have created a Web planner that is used for these cases. It's still in beta, but new features are constantly being added.


Zdenek, Locus team


Hi Zdenek,

I know the Web planner but there are currently still a lot of features missing to be as flexible as the app is. E.g. as currently no import was possible with the app, it would have been great to do this via Web planner. I know you work hard and it takes time with that web version. No hurry.

One of my wishes would be once to replace GSAK with Locus. I know they cannot be compared but once GSAK will be history and it would be great to have a great tool handling a lot of very big databases.

So I look forward for the Windows 11 integration....

Regards Wolfgang


Hi Wolfgang,

I see. I can't promise that everything will work properly on Windows 11, because it would be another platform that requires debugging, and we don't have the capacity to do that right now. But of course, it could be an interesting way to use Locus.

And by the way. Import to web planner is currently under development, so stay tuned, it should be soon :-)

Zdenek, Locus team


Hi Zdenek

was that the native Android 11 emulator

as in would bluestack and similar work....

ive been using bluestack great on Win10

advantage is, everythings in one container so its portable between installations/upgrades...



I managed to install the actual version of locus from android play to win11!

You can google for a howto, but as far as I remember, it's a simple adb push of the official google apps open version: (I was testing a different app with the developer, to sideload some processing features to the was for more processing power. I sadly don't remember the exact process of the google play installation...)

So far, the only issue I found is that the red cross in the middle of the screen is missing. Therefore the route planning is not available. Also it's a bit cumbersome to do everything with the mouse, but maybe someone has a touch display to test out more things...

If you need more info, or need some testing, feel free to contact me.



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