Range Estimate (time & distance to point ON track not the end of track)

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Locus devs...

As a motorcyclist both on and off road, I have been using Locus for many years, then got an iPhone and was forced to try other apps…mostly Osmand, then recently could not stand Osmand’s over complexity and jangle so broke down and got a (dedicated for gpx following) used android ip68 phone and returned to the best.

I would like to be able to:

1.Navigate to a waypoint/favorite in the middle of a track

2.Get distance and ETA to this waypoint/favorite in the middle of a track.

The reason for this is usually lunch, camping or hotel decisions on long trips. Example…I had a 1200+ mile track coming up from Miami and I wanted to know roughly what town would be closest to the track at dark for a hotel. Obviously if I didn’t care about running the exact track then googlemaps would solve this.

Surprisingly Osmand does this by navigating to a flag using a chosen track…I still think maybe locus can do this too somehow.

Here is what I have tried on Locus 4 latest build recently:

I do know there is “Analyzer” and this shows how many miles in from the beginning and to the end of the track but not how many miles from where I am to that click point and there is no time value.

I loaded a 310 mile track in to navigation, no recalculation. The time noted 65hrs for 310 miles…it should be 5-6 hrs but that is another issue…I would hope when driving at highway speeds it would immediately recalculate. It would be nice to be able to see correct data while not moving and just planning.

So in navigation mode on this 310 mile track at maybe 200 miles up roughly I clicked on it and it goes in to a Navigation screen…then looking at the elevation profile which gives me roughly the miles in to the track which helps but if I’m not at the start it does not tell me how many miles to where I clicked.

Then I click on the bottom left icon and it takes me in to a trackpoint screen and on here I click the 3rd icon from the left on the bottom row and it shows “WORKING” then it cuts off the rest of the track and track navigation and revises the time (which is now 7.5 hrs. I was excited and thought this worked except it recalculated the route (EVEN WITH ROUTE RECALCULATION OFF) brouter offline….so this does not work. Is there a way to stop it from recalculating? I did click on “User Guide” but could not find anything on the trackpoint menu??? Is there a full revised user guide for v4. Somewhere?

So my next attempt was using dashboard. You have a “time to waypoint” but no distance to waypoint. Unfortunately while using navigation it considers all turn shaping points as navigation waypoints so that makes this method useless.

I then switched to guidance and it seemed to maybe work…since guidance does not have the navigation waypoints…this is still overly complex for what should be a simple way to get the data that is already in app.

###EDIT...after reading on here it appears many people want intermediate routing points for years and it has been somewhat solved using dashboard and time and distance to via. I do find it overly complex to change a point to a via on a track and have this work.

I will 99% of the time be following tracks using preferably navigation because I like the thick pink line, better cursor and visual cues.

A way to do this is to copy the track then edit it and delete the end to get the updated time and distance values but it shouldn’t be this hard and editing tracks far form home might not be wise.

I need to be able to analyze a track quickly based on current pace and get a time remains/eta and distance to any point I want to add along a track with strict following of track...all this in a few simple steps please.

Even cooler would be a new functionality…”RANGE ESTIMATE”

Based on current pace or speed value (you can enter whichever you want) it will color the track…maybe only outline glow color the track to the point so you can quickly visually understand what you are up against with darkness, weather etc...

and/or enter the time you have…maybe 4 hrs until dark…and it shows the range along the track by recoloring it.

Enter the miles you want to do…it colors the track and gives time estimate/eta.

We ride often in remote areas of the Northeast states and unlike the west you can’t just camp anywhere so we need to look up state parks and figure out if we can make it there…solving this would help.

Love V4...thanks!

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Good idea, same would be useful for hiking and biking...


I looked at the idea for a moment. And found one sentence that struck me. "I find it too complicated to change a point to a Via on a track and make this work".

Adding a simple Via point was easily possible in old Locus versions using the track editor. Comfortable and fast and without any risk of damaging the designed trackpath. Having now to use the complex route planner to perform such a simple task is definitely not optimal.


I figured out hot to add a via point in making ia route in the route planner but I can't figure out how to add a via point to an existing track (not route)?

This could all be solved with the ability choose a specific waypoint/bookmark for time distance along a track.


as per a recent response:

this is basically "navigate along TRACK" from the land of garmin. since you're using a recorded TRACK as your base, the app will have to use one of three things to estimate your ETA:

1) original TRACK moving speeds to destination

2) current TRACK moving speeds to destination

3) new input moving speeds along same TRACK to destination

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