Managing pois - track association: two ideas

Martín Ruipérez shared this idea 23 months ago
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1. Option to create a poi associated with a given track.

At the time of creating a poi, besides the folder you wish to save it in, it would be very useful if you are asked for the track you wish that poi to be associated with, if needed. The active track could be considered the default one.

2. Multiselection for adding pois to a track file.

It is quite frequent to share a track as a gpx or kml file with some relevant pois included.

Or simply that you find more functional, according to your use, to have your tracks stored along with its corresponding relevant pois included in the same file.

At present you have to add these pois one by one because multiselection for adding pois to a given track file is not implemented.

It goes without saying that the task can become a nightmare if the number of pois you need to add is significantly high.

I know that all of that requires to properly manage what happens when erasing and/or unlinking a poi from a track file.

Anyway, could it be possible to include these two features in a next version of Locus Map?

In my opinion, with these two features added, the functional link between pois and tracks could improve significantly.

Thank you

Martin Ruipérez

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Do you mean track waypoints

Re 1: its similar to my post here

It looks like Menions suggestion of a trips feature might accomplish it

it would associate tracks/wpt and POI together

Re 2, quite agree, one at a time is annoying

i had loads of geotagged photos taken at same time as a track was recorded, you have to make them from photo layer to create a POI, and then insert in to the track, very slow process.

Perhaps ability to filter a selction of POI, where creation date/time matches the track, or in a certain distance from the track.

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