Guidance or navigation voice notification only on VIA waypoints

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Former long time ViewRanger user, now full time Locus Map Pro and 4 enjoyer.

I only have one issue that bugs me to the bitter end and makes me not to use the guidance feature even if it makes me risk getting a bit lost and do some backtracking on my forest hikes.

Is there any way to set to only sound a notification near a VIA wyp that I created? I don't need turn-by-turn warnings to... keep going straight or to take a hard left, because I see, that there's no other way for me to go on a dirt footpath sorrounded by trees. I don't want any notifications to sound that I did not create.

Created a route without navigation commands, but has more than a dozen waypoints and has a couple of named VIA waypoints. I only want notifications on these that I attached a screenshot of.

Is this possible?

Basically, I'm looking for a

Frequncy of alerts: None / Only VIA

settings option.

Thanks for any kind of help,


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To test in a practice operation condition pse.

Alerts ONLY ON VIA Points. This by a Locus map workaround.

Locus export as a newly generated gpx by set export without navigation (turn) commands.

Than reimport that newly created gpx file that now only contains the announced Via Points.


The original unannounced Shaping Points (very usefull for router (re)calculation reconstruction) by gpx transfers are so lost :-((.

The Locus map @ gpx export SET.

Actual text: Include navigation prompts.

Better: Include navigation turnpoint prompts.

Remark. To keep the Via Points only.

You can also so strip away the turn instructions from an excisting Locus gpx navigation file.

Find attached an example gpx import and the Locus gpx export result.


Alternative without removing turnpoint instructions in navtracks.

If, like me, you don't like tatty TTS while walking or cycling, you should opt for tone alerts.

You can so select a simple tone alert sound voice generation active onto Via Points only.

Disadvantage is, you need to tune Locus (once).

To do: Set single alert @ navpoints.

A. By android file explorer find Locus map config.cfg

Change the next line as shown


# --------------------------------

# times before command, when Locus notify (in seconds), default is: 15|35|300


B. In Locus map: Settings>Two commands at once. UNSET

C. By android file explorer put Voice Via" into Locus>data>nav_audio.

Via.bmp & Via.vif & Find these 3 files in the attachment.

Restart Locus map:

Settings>Navigation>Select voice> Set Via




Thank you for your reply and suggestions!

The first one probably will not work for me. Manually editing the *.gpx files is a no go. Too many, too frequent last minute changes in plans. Ofter there is no time for me to edit a file on a computer between creating a new route and starting it. Will probably still try this one out, but probably isn't a good enough solution,

But the other one is promising, if I understand it correctly!

I will try it out in the next few days. Found the config file, I understand what to ulpoad where and what to modify, that is not an issue. Also, the navigation_announcements_times value, it is a bonus for me, that I can set multiple warnings for the same via point, if I understand correctly.

Thank you for your time and help!


Okido, Istvan.

By the way that first option can fastly be done mobile by Locus map itself.

See the Locus gpx export options. No need for any external gpx editor.

In Locus gpx export > UNSET Include navigation prompts. Roger ?



Unfortunately, this does not work. I made a video showing what I'm doing.

I create a new route. WITHOUT navigation command. I do the export WITHOUT the navigation promts. Delete the original route just to be sure.

Import the saved GPX. I check, no navigation turn points, great so far.

I start the guide and there are all the all new turn navigation promts. Tried it multiple times, Locus always regenerates those.

And even if... Even if I delete them after starting the guidance, they still trigger and sound a notification. No matter if I delete them or not. I'll report this as a bug, because surely, this shouldn't happen.

Also, why not ask if I want to generate navigation before starting a guidance? It ask if I want to reverse it, that I can do by editing the route itself when selecting it, but I have no say that I don't want turpoints and can't proerly delete them afterwards.

The same thing happens in Locus Map Pro, not just in Locus 4.

I'll try out a navigation workaround also in the next few days.


imho this should be done simply with more settings added not text editing config files. I would like this too.



Set a Shaping Point in the Locus Planner: = Green Triangle.

Set a Via Point in the Locus Planner:= Blue Square.

According to the video (green triangle Shaping points) a track is created without any Via Point attached. (You did not create)

The gpx exports without navigation waypoints so creates you just a very simple gpx track wihout any Via way Point so attached.

Locus map:

By just a simple track import into Locus map > Than you select Navigation operation.

Locus automatically creates Navigation Waypoints based onto the trackshape by next Locus setting.

Settings>Navigation>Advanced settings>Frequency of commands. Set (None-Low-Medium-High)

You should set: None

By the way 1.

I strongly advise (for Locus gpx study) to have a look into gpx files by the freeware (pc) gpx editor program.

This will clear up the inner methods used by Locus map when adding navigation waypoints or none for sure.

By the way 2.

Quote: Also, why not ask if I want to generate navigation before starting a guidance? It ask if I want to reverse it, that I can do by editing the route itself when selecting it, but I have no say that I don't want turpoints and can't proerly delete them afterwards.

As you suggest here this was indeed available in historic Locus versions (about 8 years ago?) but than was removed for this "surprising" automatically commands generation mode.


@ Morgan 1.

Suggestion has now + 14 votes.

@ Morgan 2.

In previous Locus versions, adding a Via Point to an existing track was much easier, less critical, with the simple Locus track editor, without a diversion via the much more complex route planner. However, it was apparently too easy and so despite some resistance from existing Locus users than, this offer via the track editor has now disappeared in the Locus map app.

Unfortunately, app updates do not always mean better use.

Anyway by a very old local saying. "What good are candles and glasses if the owl does not want to see?" ;-)

pse notice that smiley... a single developper for a huge versatile app !


I made 2 more videos to be clear.

Yes, the previous did not have VIA points, that's not the important part, but that Locus automatically adds Navigation turn points, no matter what I do. If I can't start a route guide without the option to not have these points (because Locus always adds them even if I say at the planning part not to) and no option to disable notifictions on non VIA points, I'm f***d and have no options. See:

Even if you delete ALL these navigation turn commands, notifications will be triggered.

And re-starting the guidance after deleting them, they will be re added, no matter what.

Settings -> Navigation -> Advanced settings -> Frequency of commands is set to none. All other advanced options are disabled. I could make another import video that shows you that screen also, but I promise, that it is set to none.

But I think I found a way... I kept pressing buttons, deleting and adding things.

If there's just even ONE navigation turn point on that route, guidence will not auto generate the rest of the points.

  1. Create a route without turn point navigation
  2. Enable "Include navigation commands"
  3. Make small changes to the start / end of the route
  4. Locus creates small ammount of nav commands, doesn't do it for the full route, only between shaping points.
  5. Delete these few waypoints and leave the start / finish
  6. Be happy, that you don't have 200 nav command points, you have your VIA points
  7. Start guidance. It does not add new, more nav points

This would be a perfect solution for me. If I have one more notification at the end and start, I don't care, I can happily live with that.

But it doesn't work. After starting a guidance like this, EVERY.SINGLE.TRACKPOINT will trigger a notification. From Trackpoint 1 to Trackpoint 167. Not just via points, not just shaping points, not just nav turn points. Every, single one.

And yes, I don't have the the "Notify of every routepoint" enabled. It was never enabled, my whole problem is that I want FEWER notifications :)

I'll try it out on Locus Map Pro also, maybe it will work there on the 3.x versions.

For me, guidence as it stands now is broken and unusable unfortunately. I'll just have to live without it for now.

Will submit another ticket, that every trackpoint gets triggered for notification in this case. This can't be a conscious decision and planned behavior.


Istvan it is true that I only use navigation, NEVER do select nor use guiding.

And I have a (friendly) difference of opinion with the Locus designer on the following.

Imo, in a navigation track the start and endpoint should always be offered as Via points.

When the track contains one single command (Via) or more, you are so offered navigation.

Advantage also could be (imo) that you freely can choose navigation to Start or medium Via Points like most other navigation apps do standardly offer.

See a recorded track where I did promote Start and Finish to Via Points.

In attachment zip: File 1_Recording & File 2 that same track with an extra Medium Via Point. (No turn instruction necessary, I often test my brakes there).


This works just as well if designed with the Locus planner itself.

Perform as described. Export as gpx without navigation points and reimport and use this gpx.

Attached the result from the Locus Route Planner. Navigate with only so Via Point alerts. Simple.


So, guidance notifications will not work for me for now, I have given up.

But found an alternative that will probably work for me untill these guidance thing gets more complex and less buggy. For anyone else, who may have the same issue or desire, maybe this will help.

  1. Create route any way you want
  2. Add your VIA points
  3. Export all newly crated VIA waypoints as GPX files one by one (yeah, this sucks, but couldn't find any other way)
  4. Go to Point Manager, create a new folder, import all the exported points into this folder. Luckily import allows you to select multiple files
  5. Enable point alert for this new folder of POIs - (Important side note, only points VISIBLE will trigger the POI Alert notification)
  6. In guidance settings, disable all notifications
  7. Start Point Alert function / service alongside Guidance

Tada! You are now guided but only have notifications when you want them.

Yes, it is annoying to create seperate POIs one-by-one. Yes, it's annoying that there is an exact duplicate of each point on the map. But hey, better than nothing if you really need something like this.

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