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I often use the function 'navigate along a route'.

When you leave the route (mostly because an deviation) and come back to the original route ... the very first navigation command is always wrong (because you left the route and enter it from a different way ).

An easy solution would be:

Suppress the first navigation command when back to route ... and just more comfortable:

change this one command to: 'you are back to route'. 😁

I asked for pro because I'm forced to use it although I have an LM4 abo 🙄

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Do you possibly use "Route recalculation by Route Priority" in particular? As I know from previous tests this was not a particular reliable nor superb mode. I ask this because I usually do not notice such a behaviour with "Route recalculation by Point Priority". The route is than recalculated nicely toward the next not consumed Via Point. Anyway I don't use the auto route recalculation possibilities very often now, though. And so I do thereby consider the following.

What if (LM4) would offer (auto)recalculation to a not yet consumed next distance (km) marker point?


You're right.

With biking I use route priority.

With this I can be sure to use my 'designed' route without using lots of via points.

... and I need this really in Pro because I have the problem with the darkening screen in LM4.


Hello jonny,

this is a little surprising problem. When using "Route priority" recalculation, the app merges the old part of the track with the new computed part. In the place where both tracks connect, the app since the latest version 3.58+ generates navigation command based on the shape of the connection. Are you sure that this issue really happens with this latest app version?

And Locus Map 4, hmm. Sorry for this. This is currently the biggest mystery I have in the app and I desperately await sunny days because, with room light, this problem does not appear. But it is another story ...


Ok, when LM has recalculated and has found a new route ... all instructions are right.

But if a recalculation wasn't successful (180 degrees turn ignored; recalculation distance too big; ...) then the first found command of the 'old' track is wrong.

I often have this situation ... but now while reading your comment and writing this I think I have also to examine why there is no successful recalculation.

When weather improves ... I'll check it with next biking tour.

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