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Cannot find come navigation commands on Crowdin

Razvan Eduard shared this question 13 months ago

Hi, I saw all navigation commands for TTS are included in

Locus Core -> Locus, basic (required general texts)

and I can list all of them if I search for "navigation" in "Context".

All are translated now in Romanian, but these 2 navigation commands are still spoken in English:

"Let's go"

"Continue straight"

Happens in both Locus 3 and 4

I search in all strings in all files on crowdin and I cannot find those 2 expression to translate them.

Any idea?


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I think I found the corresponding entry for "Let's go".

If TTS language is English and I choose navigation to some destination, after the route calculation is done and it is showing on the map Locus says "Let's go" like everything is ready we can start navigating.

If TTS language is Romanian it is saying "Direct" which I found on crowdin in

Locus Core -> Locus, basic (required general texts)





navigation command

I tested also with TTS Ianguage italian, and at the begining of the navigation also it is saying "Let' go" (I think italian translation it is missing the "straight" translation).

Is this "straight" supposed to be a marker for "let's begin navigating" and it is used only at the beginning (and not during navigation when you suppose to follow a straight line)?


(= navigation command like Right Left etc....)

Let's go in crowdin ? No idea.

It is available in personalised TTS file xx.tts

See attachment example


if it is a navigation command to indicate how to go during navigation, why it is translated in en as "Let's go" ?

instead of "continue straight ahead" for example

I think En translation it is done by locus team, so it is kind of an example of the meaning of different command.


In my opinion, it has nothing to do with the start of navigation. It is only a slogan encouragement that you get after selecting your type of navigation.

Something like ... come on guys let's get started now.

Menion may be able to explain it differently.


this I wanted to clarify,

if "straight" it is meant to be use only at the beginning of the navigation, or maybe when a navigation it is resumed, with this meaning of "Let's go", "I'm ready", ...

or it is also used during navigation to indicate direction, something like , after a "turn left" go straight ahead.


The "straight" turnpoint commands are used rather rarely, though.

But sure they are also generated by Locus_Brouter.

These "straight" turnpoints are sometimes very useful.

See demo gpx navigation track with some "straight" turnpoints

Again, "let's go" is a slogan. You might as well say "let's have a beer before we ride". Possibly a good idea after all this typing.


Hi, these two strings are only in TTS translations at, not on Crowdin.



I have no tts file in Locus/data/tts/ directory other then the one that come with the installation



That Locus v4 standard file is a very outdated one now in Locus.

You can use the added v5 as a basis to work with it.

I do not use version 6 as v5 is still sufficient for me.

Simply change the file to en.tts or after your "romanion" edit to ro.tts.

Again, edits are extremely critical. Minor error = not used. (Test sentence !)


To conclude this,

I was looking in en.tts and it seems it has some extra navigation commands, which are not present on crowdin

"navigation_start_car": "Let's go",
"navigation_start_bicycle": "Let's go",
"navigation_start_foot": "Let's go",

I think if the application does not have <language>.tts

it will use "straight" as a starting command for the navigation.

This explains the issue I described in the beginning.


It depends on the used routing engine generator.

Some routing engines do attach a turncommand 'straight' at the start.

Others do not attach any start turn command nor a Via Point "Start"

(As the Route You web planner does indeed add a start Via Point)

I do prefer to attach a Start Via Point anyway. (Garantees a navigation capable track)

Prefered as it allows you to clearly define the start as a possible target point.

Should so be very usefull at operational starts in an out of track positions.

Most apps offer you navigation start toward the startpoint or a nearest Via Point.

Locus does not :-((

You can anyway test navstart to a Via point (demo file) using the virtual (sofa) Locus navigation feature.

To say, if you know how to use and select that very nice Locus magical virtual navigation feature for test purposes.

Locus virtual navigation for test purposes however is another such very well hidden (complex set up) Locus feature.


Eduard, what might be confusing is that you hear the slogan only after starting the Locus "navigate to" function.

I am not 100% sure about this, but I believe I have never heard any slogan by the Locus "trackfile navigation" function.

Slogan: It is just an extra. and therefore not important for navigation.



Since I no longer use TTS operationally, I was not 100% sure. So I tested it. Also with track file navigation, the slogan is heard when you start up the navigation.

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