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Wrong elevation gain computation in planner

Daniele Orlandi shared this problem 2 years ago


It often happens that the elevation gain computed by the planner is significantly overestimated. The same track saved and opened in the app outputs a more reasonable elevation gain.

For example, this track:

Gives 1962 m of elevation gain in the planner and 1614 m in the app.

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This is true and still an issue which should be improved. In contrast to the app, Web Planner is not applying an attenuation filter to smooth virtual vertical zig-zags of the track. Just by applying such a filter, elevation gain will get realistic values

Btw: there are already threads to the same issue:


I have the same problem, furthermore the maximum altitude is not right, neither in the app, nor in the web planner. My example: Priečne sedlo is 2352 m above sea level. In the mobile app it indicates 2308 m, in the web app according to the elevation chart it is 2310, however if I move the cursor over it's icon the number is correct. So it is very strange, that I can see 3 different elevation data, but only the 2352 m is correct.

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