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LM 3.61.0 with settings of new working folder

lneam shared this question 15 months ago

android 10

after a hard reset, i will install and setup the version LM 3.61.0

from /storage/emulated/0/locus

to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/

this mean one restart

also i setup my share folder at a new location

for /maps

and /srtm

this mean 2 restars. The next action is to make a backup of the settings to a file

after some days, i will make a new hard reset and will create the share folders for maps and srtm.

Next i will install and run for first time the LM 3.61.0 and by default, the app creates the folder at location of "/storage/emulated/0/"

without any other action, if i restore my old settings, that they have the working folder at this location "/storage/emulated/0/Android" will it be OK. Will the app automatically moves the working folder at the location exists at the old settings ?

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i haven't found any answer, sorry



the app works only with the folders defined in "Settings > Misc. > Default directories > Set custom sub-directories"

If you restore some old backup with different settings the app should preserve your actual settings.

But sometimes (and we are still unable to figure out why) are folders divided into two ("internal/Locus" and "Android/data") and in this case, you have to move files manually to the right place. How-to here: Loss of data after update/data transfer

In general: On Android 10 you don't have to use "Android/data". This folder is required from Android 11.

Please let me know if you need more information.


Zdenek, Locus team



here we have 2 problems. The No1 with app main folder and the No2 with the "Set custom sub-directories"

the No2 i think, it must have solved, because i have already create the folders and the data inside.

what about the No1 ? If i choose from the new hard reset / new app install, to restore my settings into android 10, the app it will crash after restart ? So, why the locus app has backup / restore ? I belive that this is a working bug and need to solve ASAP.

and something else. If the app has the option to run from "Android/data", as a user, i choose to use it. And i must to work without any issues



i have a possible solution. Maybe for all the users of new install, in all android versions, for locus 3 and 4, to add at first run "choose where to install" or choose from where to run

this will solve also this issue


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