Problem with Locus Map 3.61.0 track record button on widget

Žilina shared this problem 40 days ago
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Since updating to the latest version of Locus Map 3.61.0 the widget hasn't been working properly all of the time. Before upgrading it worked perfectly... tap and go.

Sometimes hitting the track record button does nothing, sometimes there's a long delay before recording starts and sometimes Locus Map is track recording but the button hasn't changed to red and is still green.

Is the a known bug?

All the best.

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please can you tell me more details about this issue and your system?

We can't reproduce this error and there is no similar feedback yet.

What phone and version of the android do you have?

Does this happen all the time or in some specific cases? Can you describe the procedure which leads to this error?

Thank you.

Zdenek, Locus team

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