Future of the companion app for WearOS 2022+?

Thorsten Ivers shared this question 30 days ago

Dear developer team,

first of all: I love Locus Map.

But I would like to know if anything will change in the medium term regarding the companion app for WearOS. As far as I can tell, it hasn't been developed in years. This is especially a pity because there has been a lot of development going on in all the other parts recently.

Suggestions for improvement, such as displaying the estimated time of arrival or distance to destination, I could find in the forum, but somehow nothing happened then. Such a kind of mini-dashboard would be desirable from my point of view. Unfortunately, it must be said that the companion apps from other navigation programs, such as Komoot, seem a bit more up-to-date.

About a response I am pleased. Thanks in any case for the basically good work, Thorsten

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Hello Thorsten,

I'm trying for a few months already, to publish a new version on Google Play, but I was not a success so far.

Anyway, these updates contain mainly fixes and only minor improvements.

Bigger plans regarding the Wear add-on are not this year the table. I'm still unsure about the future of the Wear platform so I want to keep the add-on updated and working, but without bigger changes. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hello Jiří,

thank you for your quick reply.

It's a pity to read that there are no further plans for the Wear platform. No problem with navigation on the bike - you don't look at the smartwatch all the time. It's quite different when you're hiking - you don't look at your smartphone all the time.

But no matter. I understand that you have to set priorities and accents in the development. But if you feel like it and have time to develop, I have a few good ideas (from my point of view) ;-)

Have a nice week, Thorsten

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