Vibration and vocal announcements navigation on Wear

virtualdj shared this idea 2 years ago
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Now that Locus Map for Wear is a reality, can another navigation option to be added in the screen below?


I'm thinking on these two, in particular:

  1. Silent navigation with the watch vibrating before a turn; this is ideal to not disturb other people and still know which path to take using the map and arrows on Locus Wear screen.
    People stare at me using voice navigations when hiking ;-)
  2. Vocal commands navigation just like one smartphone, but with the audio coming out from the watch speaker. The phone might be recharging in a backpack for example.

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Too talky TTS navigation ? A nightmare experience.

"People stare at me using voice navigations when hiking ;-)"

Start hiking with friends, finish only accompagnied by your too talky phone.

What can you do actually ?

Discrete loud and clear compact basic direction L/R/S indication by:

Settings for absolute minimum total order announcements !

A. config.cfg >

# times before command, when Locus notify (in seconds), default is: 15|35|300 navigation_announcements_times=15

B. Settings > Navigation > Advanced settings > Two commands at once: Off.

C. Settings > Navigation > Advanced settings > Frequency of commands: None.

(As I halted function old method commands by trackshape, anyway free to use Y or N)


I didn't say Locus is too talky, the instructions were the right balance: not too little and not too much.

I would like instead my watch to vibrate when I need to change the direction, as Google Maps for Wear OS does when using pedestrian navigation.

So Locus can make the watch vibrate and then a simple quick look on the watch screen is enough to know which path is the right way.

NOTE: People stare at me indipendently on the number of voice indications ;-) that's because friends "understand" while stranger do not ;-) ;-)


Hi guys,

I will definitely keep this thread in mind. I think vibration to indicate direction change would be nice and quite possible to readily implement.

TTS would be even nicer, though some Wear OS watches don't have a speaker built in, but that is a bit trickier to implement so this will probably not show up in the next 1 or 2 versions.


Pleas Mr. Cejnar, I would like to use vibrations on my watch to indicate direction change. It would be great!


I was just visiting this site to ask for speech coming out of my TicWatch Pro running Locus Pro Wear. The single reason why I bought the watch was because of Wear support from Locus. Now I can leave my phone in the pocket when biking: quite safer! I am now missing navigation sounds/speech coming from the watch, as, still, the phone is in my pocket :) Tnx!


Another vote for vibrations on the watch indicating direction change. As a plus, a different vibration pattern for direction changes to the left (one buzz) and to the right (two buzz) so you wouldn't even have to look at your watch.

I tried adding the functionality myself but learned that unfortunately the PeriodicUpdatesReceiver stops listening for updates after some time so not getting updated direction information on the device that can be pushed to the wear app in background. Maybe someone familiar with the wear code can give me a hint how to keep getting updates pushed to the watch while navigating even if the wear app is not in foreground?


It would be nice to have the possibility to transfer the vibration for the off-course alert to the watch!


I was going to post the same idea. Why not have a first very simple option on the wear like "vibrate same as phone", so everytime locus vibrates the phone, it applies a vibration on the smartwatch or even the same vibration pattern on the smartwatch, too.

So It'd use it most for notifications on turns.