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Show Geocache Image also in menu while guidance

Drumpldeer shared this idea 13 months ago


it would be great to have a separat menu entry to show the Spoiler-Image if you click at the 3-dot-menu while guidance to a cache or waypoint, the same like here with the hint.

Thanks and kind regards!


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Hello Drumpldeer,

thanks for the idea. I'm trying to keep this menu as simple as possible and the option to show photos/spoilers seems not to be a core feature. It is anyway still accessible with a few more taps. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion, maybe I should have worded it differently. I'm not necessarily concerned with the pictures about the spoilers in simple caches in the forest. Especially when you are out and about in the mountains, I let myself be guided first and then it is very cumbersome to first click on the cache on the map and then hit the icon. You sometimes need both hands, but when you're hiking or scrambling, at least one hand has to secure something. During route guidance, the three-point menu is always in one place and you could call up the image with one hand. Couldn't this also be built in as a self-adjustable option for the Guidance menu? I would be very happy if it were possible.



Editable content in this menu should be a solution of course and I understand your use case and simple fact that it may be useful in some cases.

Anyway, permanently visible button is not useful for most of people and editable content from my point of view simply does not worth the extra work, sorry.

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