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subject: shortcut driving in navigation, I give an example:
1) I have settings: "Recalculation" >> "Route priority" (Fig.01)
2) In fig. 02 we have the situation:
Item 1 - Blue Line - Original Route
Point 2 - the point I am at, this is a shortcut
Position 3 - blue arrow - this is how the navigation messages show me (i.e. return to the place where I launched the shortcut)
Point 4 - green arrow - I would like the navigation to guide me anyway (this is how the TomTom navigation would give me).
3) In fig. 03 - "Warning distance" => 100 m. An example message is: Route for 6 o'clock at a distance of 100 m. And here is the problem, because sometimes distances are> 100m, and the messages are misleading, giving the entire time value = 100m.

What should I improve in the settings so that it would be like according to point 4 and the navigation would give me the correct distance messages from the route?

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could you please send a screenshot of the dialog in settings > navigation > advanced settings? Thanks.


I am happy to fulfill your request.


Thanks. Again, as you can see in this video, I cannot simulate the issue:

I have set the recalculation trigger distance to 150m and the "out-of-the-route" alert to 100m according to your configuration. However, the app never reaches this limit in this area and it doesn't navigate back to the point where you started the shortcut.

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