Adding Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM915 Lora devive

Matthew Ransom shared this question 15 days ago

OK... I have two Adafruit Feather 32u4 RF915 lora packet radio microcontrollers.

I'm using them as an offline packet radio receiver (connected to a smart phone via OTG data cable) and transmitter to send the transmitter location to the receiver. The software library is RadioHead.

I need help adding the transmitter end device to the Locus Map app. Can anyone help with end device setup?


Copy from the private ticket:

Hi 🙂

I'm trying to set up my LoRa transmitter and receiver on the Locus Map app (silver). I'm having trouble.

I'm using two matched Adafruit Feather RFM95 LoRa microcontrollers. The receiver board connects to a smart phone via USB data cable. I'm using it offline.

The end device manufacturer is not listed and I'm not sure of the other needed settings. Can you help this confused noob?


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Hello Matthew

to be true, the LoRa system is still hidden in a fog to me. There already exists a topic related to this feature, so I may only suggest asking other users there. Also, if there will be any updates, it will be for sure in the mentioned topic.

Locus Map currently does not provide any native support for LoRa mesh.

Thanks for understanding.

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