Route direction way back overlays Route direction way to

Johannes Waldmüller shared this idea 18 months ago
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If I navigate a route which uses partially the same track for e.g. way to and way from, always the direction arrows for way back overlay the direction arrows for way to.

In the last Version of Garmin, it is detected automatically if you are moving in direction way to, so these Navigation arrows overlay, when you are moving in the way back direction, the other direction (way back) is overlayed. Pretty useful and not that irritating 😉👍

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I understand your problem and what you wish. Just on a side note: this problem is not there in Locus classic. Both ways are there with identical arrows. (I am using arrows nr 3).


When navigating, this changes. (if you have selected standard navigation track display. It is pink and the first meters are displayed thick and strong. So you can see how the path runs when you go there. What is already covered is displayed very faintly.
What I am missing so that this track for navigation does not color after slope.

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