Inability to edit track created outside of locus

vsespb shared this idea 14 months ago

If I take any track created outside of locus, or, at least, any track created in ActiveTrip/Manymap/Strava, I cannot modify it, because locus thinks there is only 3 points and considers other points non-shaping points.

I know this is because of different type of points in GPX, but outcome is:

- In locus you can modify only tracks created in locus

- If you took track from strava, you need Manymap/ActiveTrip to modify it. not locus.

So I propose to have an option to edit suck tracks, just like Manymap do.

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Hello vsespb,

as far as I know, there are no limitations on the editing of tracks. May you please share a GPX file with the track, you can't edit and I'll look at it? Thanks.


Attaching the track made in mapgick.

When it's open in locus it has only 5 points (l1.png), if I move point number 2, it will damage route between points 1 and 2, and between points 2 and 3.

When it's open in mapmagick (l3.png) it has much more points (l3.png) and if I move one of then, most of route is unchanged (l4.png)

The same true for other apps, like strava. Sometimes there is only 3 points for whole route, and it's impossible to edit it - If one of the points moved, half of route is rerouted.


Thank you for the attached track and the description; they were very helpful in understanding the problem.

Here's what's happening:

Your route doesn't have any via points defined. Therefore, when you try to load this route into the app's route planner, it:

  • Detects that the route lacks shaping or via-points.
  • Performs a simplification of the route and identifies significant points where the route shape changes.
  • Inserts these points into the plan. In this case, three points (2, 3, 4) were inserted.

This behavior is correct, expected, and thoroughly tested. I've attempted to find an optimal solution to this problem, ensuring that the app generates enough points to maintain the shape while keeping it low enough to facilitate easy track shape editing.

It seems that what you need here is an option to generate more shaping points along the opened route. The current solution has been implemented for 20 months in the app and on the web planner, and I haven't received any other complaints regarding the selected simplification parameters. Therefore, I consider them as 'good enough.'

Thank you for your understanding.

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