Problem with Displaying points/tracks and Backing-up

Jan Pieter Drost shared this problem 11 months ago

In version 3.66.1 of Locus Map Classic, I suddenly have two problems:
1) after closing and reopening the application all points and tracks are hidden.
2) when I try to Back up all manually, the app returns: Process unsuccessful
This happens on my phone (Samsung S21) and on my tablet (Tab S7) as well.

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Hi Jan,

we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please do the following:

  1. change app directory to private over Settings > Backup & Filesystem > File system manager > Set the main directory > Private folder in internal storage
  2. this should be quick and after that restart is needed
  3. then move old data with Settings > Backup & Filesystem > App data transfer > Load app data > continue. It is necessary to open the old "Locus" directory and choose "Use this folder"
  4. You may "Move" the whole directory or if you have enough space and want to be safe, simply "Copy" first and later delete the old Locus directory manually
  5. After restart, all data should be restored

More info at

best regards

Michal Stupka, Locus team


Thanks for your answer, Michal.
On my tablet this worked, though I found the option 'Set the main directory' not in the path you mentioned, but in Settings > Miscellaneous > Default directories .
However, when I select 'Set the main directory' on my phone, it returns 'Not enough free disk space!', though I have tons of free space on my internal storage card (more than 150 GB).


I absolutely don't have a clue why your phone warns about the lack of free space. Anyway, you may try an alternative method:

  1. Do a "Backup of settings" of the current version and save the generated file out of the app directory
  2. Uninstall current version
  3. Install the older version Locus Classic 3.50, which still has access to the whole system, from our Google Drive
  4. Without starting it, simply update to the latest Locus Classic 3.66.1. It is available on Google Play or on our Google Drive here
  5. After this update, all should work as before with data in the internal memory


I didn't really like the idea of keeping data in the Locus folder (with possibly future problems) and fortunately I found another solution: after copying the Locus folder to a safe place, I deleted it. Then I reinstalled Locus 3.66.1 which automatically selected the private folder, since there were no data. After that, I used Load App Data to transfer the data from the safe place to the private folder. This did the job. Still have no clue why I got the disk space error, but happy everything is ok now. Thanks for your support!

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